Monday, October 27, 2014

More on Traveling With Your Chainer

Back in May of 2013, I talked about how my W&G hand-crank made a nice laptop sewing-machine. Along those same lines, Carla M. from California wanted to find a machine she could use while flying/busing on a long trip coming up soon. She settled on a darling little toy Singer chainer, the Singer 20. She just sent me a photo of her giving it a test run while on a bus trip. Wonderful!!! Have chainer, will travel...and sew!!

Here is Carlas message to me this morning and a photo of her setup...

"10/26/2014 07:46 PM, Carla M. wrote:
Welp...  Here is the test run on a bus trip to PIQF... Worked like a charm!  I have a cutting board I clipped it to so I wasn't rockin' the seat in front of me.  A clipboard was not heavy enough to sit in my lap.  Non-slip pad on my lap so the board doesn't slip around.  I'll be making Bonnie Hunter's Maverick Stars.  They are all packed up and ready to go!  We leave in three weeks.

 Isn't that just the sweetest setup!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ruffler Video
The W&G ruffler is a fun attachment. It creates beautiful ruffles, but only ruffles. Some of the modern rufflers let you make pleats, but not most antique rufflers. Hope you enjoy the video showing how to use the W&G ruffler.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New W&G in the house!
Hey All!! It's been awhile since I've had something to post, but now I do. I got another W&G treadle this summer that had some attachments in the drawers. I looked for videos on line showing how to use these little darlings and didn't find any, so decided to make some.

I put two up today and have two more in the works that I hope to put up soon. Videos take time. :-D

Here's my latest W&G vids...hope you find them useful.

Part 1: A survey of the goodies...

Part 2: Using the Tuck Marker...
 Coming up...Ruffler and Hemmers.

Hope you are all enjoying to chainstitchers!! I've been using mine to make baby gifts.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Did Willcox & Gibbs Include Attachment Samples?

I just brought home a "new" W&G treadle chainer that came with a collection of attachments. I found a perfectly sewn sample of small tucks on linen or muslin included in the original box with the Tuck Marker. My question is: "Is this sample something W&G included to help their customers see what the attachment could do, or, is it something an owner put in there for themselves?"

I suppose it could have been put in there by the retailer selling the machines, too.

Just a fun curiosity to explore. Terri in MD said there were samples with the Tucker and also the Ruffler attachments. Very interesting! Hopefully, others chime in and let us know if they had samples, too. Would be fun to compare samples!

Tuck sample found in original Tuck-Marker box

Original Tuck-Marker box with contents. Note there are two different plates for the attachment. One is for large tucks and one is for very small tucks.

If you found a sample with any of your W&G attachments, please let us know!!