Monday, May 27, 2013

Traveling Laptop Sewing Machine

I recently discovered another nice feature of my W&G hand-crank machine. It makes a GREAT laptop sewing machine in the car! In the bad photo below, I have it comfortably sitting on my lap while sewing a few half-square triangles.

I was able to sew easily while the car was parked, but also while moving. FUN!! I don't think I could do this with any of my other much heavier larger hand-crank machines.

1886 Willcox & Gibbs chainstitcher as a traveling laptop sewing machine


  1. Oh my you are one serious quilter! I usually bring a book or some knitting if I know I will have to wait. Now I have a new wish. A Wilcox and Gibbs handcrank. Sigh. I wonder what the hubby will say when I start sewing in the van? snicker.

    I just love your almost finished quilt. I was one of the people who could not tell which was the chain and which was the straight stitch seam. For me it is a non issue.

  2. You are too much Becky!! I love it. The gal I bought my newest Willcox & Gibbs from emailed me about the laptop hand crank!! Now I've seen it all!! Maybe.

  3. It would be fun to have a chain stitcher. I haven't seen any in the wild around here.

  4. I've done bindings while in the car and even some hand quilting but i don't think I'm talented enough to use a sewing machine!

  5. You may start a revolution with this one! This looks so fun!