Thursday, July 17, 2014

Did Willcox & Gibbs Include Attachment Samples?

I just brought home a "new" W&G treadle chainer that came with a collection of attachments. I found a perfectly sewn sample of small tucks on linen or muslin included in the original box with the Tuck Marker. My question is: "Is this sample something W&G included to help their customers see what the attachment could do, or, is it something an owner put in there for themselves?"

I suppose it could have been put in there by the retailer selling the machines, too.

Just a fun curiosity to explore. Terri in MD said there were samples with the Tucker and also the Ruffler attachments. Very interesting! Hopefully, others chime in and let us know if they had samples, too. Would be fun to compare samples!

Tuck sample found in original Tuck-Marker box

Original Tuck-Marker box with contents. Note there are two different plates for the attachment. One is for large tucks and one is for very small tucks.

If you found a sample with any of your W&G attachments, please let us know!!

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  1. Love your blog post and your blog!!! Very inspiring! Terri in Md