Sunday, March 17, 2013

My Treadle Willcox & Gibbs Chain Stitcher 1892

I thought I better add a few photos of my W&G, since this blog is dedicated to them. This post shows the treadle W&G. I also made a video of the treadle W&G showing some of the nice features it has.
This is my 1892 Willcox & Gibb Chain Stitcher in its lovely treadle cabinet.

Closeup of 1892 W&G...all original.

Decal on the 1892 it!

The 1892 W&G all closed up.

Of course...the W&G's lead to domestic bliss!!
So quiet and "No Risk to Health!!" LOL!! Love the old ads!

Have to laugh at how they advertised these machines
as having health benefits!

This is a video I made showing my 1892 W&G treadle.
Shows how to thread, treadle brake and ending a stichline.

I always love to imagine how these old machines have "watched" generations and changes through time. Makes me think of the movie "Time Machine". Wouldn't you just love to sit in a time machine that follows this machine through its life!


  1. The first W&G I ever saw was at a Civil War reenactment camp. It was a hand crank, and the lady was in period costume, and sewing away. I hadn't seen a hand crank in use before then. Lovely machine!

  2. Wonderful post. However, I have to admit that one of the things I love is the etching with the machine backward--just like so many Craigslist pictures by people who have never used a machine!
    (Thanks for posting and giving me a new blog to follow!)