Thursday, March 28, 2013

OK! Which is which??

People keep saying they avoid using their chain stitchers for piecing because of the "BULK" the chain loops put in the seam. One of the experiments I'm conducting, within this large quilting experiment, is to compare the look and durabilty of lock-stitch blocks and chain-stitch blocks. I have two lock-stitch blocks in this quilt with 142 chain-stitch blocks. tell me...can you see a difference?? I'm not going to tell you which block is which. You tell me!!! Which is which, green or pink, chain or lock? Please comment below with your guess.

I took two blocks to my husband and asked him if he could feel, or see, a difference between the chain-stitch and lock-stitch examples. I asked him to pick the chain-stitch block. Guess which he picked! OF COURSE...he picked the lock-stitch block!! LOL!! He spent a lot of time, at first, saying he couldn't tell the differnce. The guess was just to "make a guess" and probably had a 50/50 chance.




Thanks!! I'll reveal which is which in a week or so!

Okay...only had two guesses; one was right, the other was wrong, which is what I expected. The block stitched with the lock-stitch machine is the PINK one. The chain-stitch block is the GREEN one. I have to assume that I received only two guesses is because people could not tell the difference. The person that actually guessed correctly told me it was just a guess and that she really couldn't tell the difference. Thanks to the two that made guesses!


  1. I would like to follow your blog, have you thought about adding buttons to your side bar to give people that option? If you go to layout and hit "add a gadget" it gives you several options for allowing people to follow your blog, I would suggest adding all of them. Let me know if you need any help with it.

  2. Thanks for the tip Missy!! Added a couple of Gadgets!

  3. I'd love to find a chain stitcher one of these days. At the moment, I only have some toys that chain stitch, but, I haven't played with any of them to even see if they work. Enjoy!

  4. good morning! I love Willcox & Gibbs, I knew her casually two years ago, and I try to make all I could do. I'm not expert as you, so instead of quilts I made a lot of pot holder pig shaped etc. a sort of beginning quilts. i would be happy to discuss more with you about technical details and other. your quilts are lovely, and your videos very good! see you soon, is deep night in italy... cristiana

  5. I'm going tomorrow to examinate better all the questions. good night!