Sunday, March 24, 2013

Closing Back and Latest Experiment

I've been closing the back of the Tillie's Treasure quilt using the W&G treadle and it's going fairly well. Not perfect, but it's not due to using the's the operator...ha! I'm sewing down both sides of the seam where the edges come together.

This is what the closing seams look like on the back. At this point in the photo, 4 block-set edges/corners can be seen sewn closed.

Since the W&G has the raised stitching plate, I thought I'd experiment with trying to create a large flat sewing surface to improve the ease of quilting with the W&G. I took the basic idea of using large foam sheeting to make a quilting table. Below are some photos of how this is set up. I used 2" styrofoam insulation sheeting with a smooth aluminum foil covering. The 2" thickness was just right to nestle the edge just under the sewing plate.

This is the foam insulation on top of the W&G treadle cabinet
and folding table behind the treadle. Make a nice flat sewing surface.

Shows how I sew down the closing seam on the top of the quilt.

I've sewed a couple of the long seams with this table in place now and it works very well. The aluminum top of the table is smooth enough to allow the quilt to slide across it easily. I think I like this set up.


  1. very ingenious table! certainly you will able to make giant quilts, now! your willcox and gibbs are wonderful, they look as new. I would be very happy to discuss with you about tension problems. I will come back, I wait for other news. a presto

  2. This is a work of genius! I shall begin the hunt for thick foam immediately!
    David Young
    Northern Ireland